Q: How will I receive my arrangements once I have purchased them?

A: All of the arrangements are digitally typeset in beautifully legible Finale-engraved format. They are available as printed sheet music and shipped via USPS Priority Mail or as digital PDF files which can be downloaded and printed on your computer. 

Q: Can I order a complete set of your arrangements?

A: String arrangements can be ordered individually, in albums, or as a complete set. You can find a list of the arrangements in the complete set here. (link to that page)

Q: How is the printed sheet music formatted?

A: All sheet music orders are printed on 24-lb 8.5x11 paper. Parts for albums are bound in books with comb binding spines. The printed complete set is delivered unbound, with the pages pre-punched for insertion into 3-ring binders. 

Q: I bought one of your albums and now I've decided I'd like to get the complete set of arrangements. Do you offer a discount for music already purchased?

A: Yes, I will discount the price of music you've previously purchased from the price of the complete set.

Q: I purchased and downloaded PDFs of your music a while ago, but now my computer hard disk has crashed and I've lost all of my saved files. Can you send another download link for the music I purchased?

A: Yes, I will provide download links to replace music files that have been lost as long as you have proof of purchase. (Word to the Wise: always make backups!) 

Q: I purchased printed copies of your music and have lost one of the ensemble parts. Can I get a replacement of a single part?

A: Yes, I am happy to send digital PDF files you can print out to replace lost parts, no charge. Just email me with the information.

Q: Can I order custom-made arrangements? If so, how much will it cost?

A: Yes, I do make custom arrangements. Due to legal restrictions, I generally do not make arrangements of music that is under copyright. This means that any music written after 1923 is off limits unless the ensemble commissioning the arrangement obtains permission from the copyright holder. I do not offer these arrangements for sale to the general public.

If music is in the Public Domain or not restricted by copyright, my fees are based on the size of the ensemble, the complexity of the arrangement and the duration of the music. Orchestral arrangements generally cost $150 - $250 per minute of music. String quartet and chamber ensemble arrangements run $50 - $100 per minute of music. 

Q: I heard an ensemble playing one of your arrangements but I can't find it for sale on your web site. Can I purchase the music for this arrangement?

A: I occasionally write commissioned arrangements for ensembles that I don't offer for sale due to copyright restrictions (see above). Sorry. 

Q: Do you offer piano accompaniments for your string arrangements?

A: No, I don't have piano accompaniments available for those. 

Q: Can I make recordings of your music?

A: Yes, string quartets and other ensembles who wish to make short demo recordings to post on their web sites or distribute on free promotional CDs are welcome to do so at no charge as long as I am credited as the composer or arranger.

Ensembles who wish to make recordings of my music or arrangements for distribution on commercial CDs or as paid digital downloads must obtain from me a Master Use License in which they agree to pay the current statutory rate of $0.091 per piece for each compact disc manufactured or digital download sold.

Q: Can my string quartet post sample recordings of your music on our web page?

A: Yes, as long as I am properly credited as the arranger.

Q: Are your compositions and arrangements playable by student ensembles?

A: My music is written to be played by professional musicians, but many high-school orchestras and ensembles have performed it very successfully on concerts and for contests. Listening to the sound samples on the web site will help determine whether a selection is suitable for your students, and digital perusal scores are available on request.

I am happy to provide written permission for use of my music at clinics and contests. Email requests to mattmus@sonic.net. 

Q: Do you offer a discount for retail music stores?

A: Yes, I offer a 40% discount. See the Dealer Info Page.

Q: Is your music under copyright? Can I use it in a video or motion picture without obtaining permission? Can I make copies of the printed music or digital files to share with my friends?

A: Yes, my original music and arrangements are under copyright.

To use my music in any commercial format for sale such as online downloads, CDs, videos and motion pictures, you will need to obtain a Master Use License. Please send me an email at mattmus@sonic.net to arrange for licensing.

Q: Can I make extra copies of your printed sheet music or digital PDF files?

A: You are welcome to make as many copies as you need for your own use, but you may not legally or ethically make copies to share with friends or colleagues. The universal use of photocopiers and computers has caused a great deal of anxiety among music publishers, but I've found that the vast majority of musicians are very conscientious about observing both the letter and the spirit of the law.

Q: Do you provide program notes?

A: Yes, my witty, stylish, and informative program notes are unique. Their breezy, non-academic approach makes them ideal for new concert-goers while the thorough historical and musicological research gives sophisticated listeners all the tasty nuggets of information that enhance their enjoyment of symphonic music. 

The notes include all vocal and choral texts with English translations. They are delivered digitally to your orchestra's promotions department via e-mail as Microsoft Word RTF files, ready to be formatted and inserted into your program book. Upon request, a Program Page can be included for each concert with conductor and soloist information along with the repertoire with all movements listed. For a small additional fee, you may include the program notes on your orchestra's web site. 

The average length of the notes for individual compositions is between 500 and 1,000 words. Lengthy, important works can run to 1,500 words or more.

Notes are available for all standard Symphonic, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Music repertoire. They are not available for Pops concerts, but notes for individual pieces that are in the symphonic repertoire can be obtained.