"High Steppin'"

For small orchestra

This high-spirited medley of Quadrilles, Quick-Steps, Galops, Waltzes and Polkas by Stephen Foster and other composers of social dance music is a musical tour of the top hits of the late 1800's.  It includes "Farewell Lilly My Dear" and "The Old Folks Quadrille" By Stephen Foster, "Wood Up Quickstep" by John Holloway, "The Musidora Polka-Mazurka" by Adrien Talexy, "At the Mississippi Cabaret" Turkey Trot by Alfred Gumble, "Annie May" Quick-Step, "Where Are the Friends of My Youth?" by G. Barker and "Blaze Away" March by Abe Holzmann

Duration: ca. 13 min.

Instrumentation: 2(2dPicc.)-2-2-2/2-2-1-1/Timp+1 perc./Hp/Strings


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